Updated Yamaha MT-07 spotted on tests

Updated Yamaha MT-07 spotted on tests

June 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Europe, the MT-07 motorcycle was found wrapped in black camouflage film. At first glance, the mule looks almost identical with the current MT, with the exception of a few details.

Due to the fact that the Euro-5 emission standard comes into full force in January 2021, motorcycle manufacturers are forced to upgrade their products. And Yamaha does not stand aside. It is assumed that the prototype photographed by photospies is testing a new exhaust system, and perhaps even a new engine. Despite the fact that from the outside it looks almost exactly like the current unit with a volume of 689 cm³, it clearly shows the new exhaust system “two in one” with the new canister.

And these updates may be enough for MT-07 to meet new standards. But some sources say that the engine itself can also hide something new, for example, the re-patented technology of changing valve timing. VVT is a popular system that many manufacturers are developing to meet increasingly stringent emission standards.

However, this turbo mule is not visible, although a recent patent application described a two-cylinder engine equipped with a turbocharger to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Motorcycle looks at the earliest stages of testing, since there are signs of open wiring and trimmed chassis. Given the state of this test prototype of the Yamaha MT-07, one can easily assume that in 2019 it is unlikely to be shown. Most likely this will happen only in 2020, in order to adjust the output of the model to the schedule, that is, by 2021.

Meanwhile, an Indian start-up company Blacksmith Electric is working on creating an electric bike for the local market, and is also developing a battery replacement system.