Updated Volvo V90 Cross Country prepares for debut

Updated Volvo V90 Cross Country prepares for debut

February 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A restyled version of the station wagon is due to debut this year.

The Volvo V90 Cross Country is one of Sweden’s newest station wagons, replacing the aging V70. Along with the XC60, it continues the evolution of Volvo design, presented on the XC90 crossover. But now, after three years of the V90 life cycle, Volvo is offering an upgrade for the all-terrain wagon, and for the rest of the S90 / V90 line-up – in the middle of the cycle.

New spy photos give a detailed overview of the upcoming minor changes. When the updated Volvo V90 Cross Country arrives, it will have a redesigned front panel. The lower grille opening has a different shape, as do the fog lamp housings. It looks a little less aggressive. The rest of the front panel looks identical to the current V90, including the headlights and the elegant grille.

Volvo’s rear also follows the styling of the current model, however earlier photographs of the V90 and V90 Cross Country show camouflage covering part of the rear lights, hinting that they may have an updated, more convex design.

Inside changes should be kept to a minimum. There is a possibility that Volvo will update the infotainment system by adding more Android features to it, which was announced in 2018. He can also get more branded driver assistance systems, such as oncoming lane departure control, an automatic braking security system and a rear cross-traffic warning system.

Other changes may affect the “stuffing” wagon – V90 CC can get a braking system with the recovery of kinetic energy from the XC90. Although, like the recently updated XC90, the visual changes to the V90 CC are likely to be minor. Volvo is due to introduce the Volvo V90 Cross Country – and the S90 / V90 – sometime this year.