Updated Toyota Supra more powerful than it seemed

Updated Toyota Supra more powerful than it seemed

June 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the measurement results, it became known that the Toyota Supra sports coupe produces 339 hp and 579 Nm of torque. According to official data, the maximum power of the Japanese engine is 335 hp (495 Nm).

Last month, Car and Driver published a report that the new generation Toyota Supra sports coupe has more power than was announced by the company. These data were obtained as a result of dynamometric tests, which reported 339 horsepower and 579 Nm of torque, which are fed to the wheels. At that time it was difficult to verify these results. It is good that the car site recently published its own video with testing a car on a dynamometer.

Watch the video above to make sure the car is truly powerful. Do not forget to turn down the volume on your speakers first, as the sound of the exhaust can be stunning.

According to the results, the Toyota Supra really produces 339 hp and 579 Nm of torque. Unlike the stated figures, which said that the new Supra should develop a power of 335 hp (495 Nm) with a manual transmission. Given the power loss in the transmission and rear axle, the result should have been 20-25% lower than the nominal performance of the car.

The result was even greater, with a torque that greatly exceeds the stated values. If you look back, the rated power should be 25% higher than the power on the wheel, so the actual power values ​​can be about 400 hp and the torque at the same time 678 Nm.

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