Updated Tesla Model 3 spotted on the street

Updated Tesla Model 3 spotted on the street

October 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Rumors of possible updates to the Tesla Model 3 have been circulating for a long time, but today there are photos of the Model 3, which is slightly different from the one on sale.

Photos have been posted on the Web in which the Tesla Model 3 clearly has some minor changes. Although Tesla has not yet mentioned the restyling, and the updated models are not yet in the configurator, it is likely that the changes discovered will very soon become available to the public.

Outside the Model 3, under the white film around the glass, there is a black decorative strip that is clearly visible around the side window, where the film seems to have come off. It is possible, of course, that Tesla has prepared a “sporty” version of the Model 3, but knowing the design features of the brand for the Tesla Model Y, the transition from chrome to matte black finish seems more logical. Moreover, “chrome removal” is also a popular modification among Model 3 owners.


A similar finish is also used on the exterior mirrors, door handles, around the side direction indicators and cameras mounted directly behind the front wheel. At the same time, the logos and fonts remained chrome. By the way, cars are not equipped with dark “protective glass” for the rear side windows, as is standard in Model Y.

Small changes are observed inside. The most notable of these is the double stitching that runs through the central tunnel. This seat on the Model 3 is now made of plastic, but it looks like Tesla wants to completely cover it with faux leather. Unfortunately, the central office is still closed. However, some changes are also expected here in the form of a new arrangement of cupholders and a new charging tray for mobile phones under the screen.

Unsurprisingly, the Model 3 is gearing up for an update: the car has been on the US market since 2017. It is striking that the much newer Model Y still has an interior that, with the exception of dimensions, is borrowed from the Model 3. Apparently, the changes will first affect the older model, and then possibly the Model Y.

It is noteworthy that the Model 3 seen, apparently, is intended for Europe. This is evidenced by the large space for the rear license plate, and one model is seen with a right-hand drive. The changes will surely affect all markets immediately, which in itself is not surprising given that Tesla loves to simplify its manufacturing processes and configurator as much as possible.

Whether the Tesla Model 3 will also receive modified headlights and an electric tailgate, as previously reported, is unfortunately not clear from these images. Information on exactly when the changes will be implemented has not yet been reported.