Updated Opel Insignia 2020 model year

Updated Opel Insignia 2020 model year

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the eve of the public premiere at the Brussels auto show, which will open its doors in January, Opel introduced the updated Insignia 2020 model year.

Restyling, which was prepared for only 2 years, endowed the flagship with a slightly changed appearance, advanced equipment and a new range of engines. In general, the model, which is based on the old architecture from GM, remained recognizable and acquired minor changes, mainly concentrated in the front of the body, where you can see the redesigned grille and an upgraded head light. A little lower there is a wide central air intake surrounded by new vertical openings and round fog lights.

Minor changes occurred in the rear of the body, where a modestly revised bumper should be noted, in which new double exhaust pipes were installed. No other changes are observed, however, as noted by the corporation, design changes were made to make the Insignia look like a coupe.

 Special attention should be paid to the new IntelliLux “pixel” head light, available as an option for the updated Insignia. Now each headlamp unit includes 84 LEDs instead of 32, which makes it possible to more accurately and quickly respond to changing traffic conditions and more effectively illuminate the curbs, dazzling oncoming motorists.

The company did not distribute pictures of the interior of the new model, but it is already known that it will not change much, but it will look “fresher and more modern”. A new multimedia complex will appear with an improved interface and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as wireless charging for gadgets.

The novelty also received a new rear-view camera, a monitoring system for blind spots, other seats and the function of contactless opening the tailgate (exclusively for the Sports Tourer station wagon).

There are no parts regarding the engine range yet. It is only known that the updated flagship will acquire completely new power plants, including not only gasoline, but also diesel engines.

The public premiere of the 2020 Opel Insignia will take place at the Brussels Motor Show, which will be held from January 10 to 19.