Updated Mercedes E-Class spotted with almost no camouflage

Updated Mercedes E-Class spotted with almost no camouflage

April 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new German brand was seen right in front of the headquarters of Daimler.

Mercedes is well aware that the glory days of the cabriolet are long gone. However, the brand does not abandon the once highly desirable body style, as the company is still planning a new SL, updating its current gigs. After the C-Class Cabriolet received an update in 2018, it was time to see its revised older brother.

WalkoARTvideos posted a video on his YouTube channel showing a prototype convertible right in front of Daimler’s headquarters in Stuttgart. The car had camouflage exactly on those surfaces that are expected to receive an update.

A softly redesigned front bumper is hidden under a black plastic trim, and partially open headlights are similar to those we saw on the 2021 E-Class sedan and station wagon. The taillights seem to be derived from the current version of the convertible, although camouflage may hide something new. Even so, the changes are likely to be limited to updated LED graphics, and not to a completely new cluster of taillights.

This beautiful blue Mercedes prototype with a dark brown soft top was not much hidden, which makes us think that the official presentation is just around the corner.

It is expected that the new Mercedes E-Class Convertible will be equipped with the MBUX infotainment system, improved safety and driver assistance systems, as well as new or modernized engines providing increased efficiency.