Updated Maserati Quattroporte spotted on tests

Updated Maserati Quattroporte spotted on tests

April 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Maserati is working hard behind the scenes on an updated version of the Quattroporte, a car that is likely to reveal all its secrets this year.

The current generation Maserati Quattroporte has been discontinued in Turin, Italy, since 2012, which means that the sedan in its current form is no longer the youngest. Currently, photos of the updated Quattroporte have appeared in a psychedelic camouflage suit that moves freely in its natural habitat.

Despite the fact that the current Quattroporte is “extinguishing its eighth candle” this year, Maserati does not seem to be particularly hard on updating the model. Of the most notable, Italians are making changes to the grille and bumper, but, as reported by autoweek.nl, no major changes are planned.

In all likelihood, Maserati has no plans to highlight its sophisticated Quattroporte after its debut, as a completely new generation of sedan is planned for 2022, the main competitor to the Porsche Panamera. His “younger brother” Ghibli will receive a hybrid version, but it is possible that the updated Quattroporte will also be available with an electrified transmission.