Updated Hyundai Sonata began to be delivered to dealerships

Updated Hyundai Sonata began to be delivered to dealerships

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There were “fresh” images of the novelty, captured by spies in the parking lot near one of the auto giant saloons.

Concern Hyundai is engaged in the marketing of the eighth generation Sonata sedan. The sale of cars in the local market is scheduled for the end of March, but dealerships have already begun to bring commodity cars.

At first, modifications with 2-liter “aspirated” from the new clan SmartStream and the CVVD system will go on sale. The petrol variation of this engine squeezes out 160 “horses”. Another version has been created with a 2.0-liter LPI gas power unit with a capacity of 146 horsepower. A pair of them is a 6-band “automatic”. A modification with a 1.6-liter turbo-unit and a hybrid engine will see the light a bit later.

Already in the launch kit, the novelty received: air conditioning, a trip computer display, a stereo system, 16-size wheel disks. Also “Sonata” rely nine airbags, robotic braking function and hold the car in the occupied lane. In the more expensive versions it is assumed that there are: optics on LEDs, a virtual dashboard, a two-zone air conditioner, heated rear seats, a multimedia complex.

Top of the range can boast of a cabin trim with nappa leather, glass roof, Bose audio system with 12 speakers.

The updated “Sonata” has become more expensive. So, if the predecessor with a gasoline engine and “automatic” in South Korea costs 22 190 000 won, then for the upgraded model you need to pay the amount of 23 460 000 won