Updated Ford Explorer can repair its tires

Updated Ford Explorer can repair its tires

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For crossover Ford Explorer 2020 model year came up with self-sealing tires. Thanks to such tires, air leakage rate is significantly reduced.

The new Ford Explorer is already one of the best cars you can buy for large family trips. It is roomy, comfortable and equipped with a variety of chips that will make your adventures more enjoyable. Now Ford, in collaboration with tire manufacturer Michelin, is another great feature that will improve your driving experience – self-sealing tires.

Tires are designed to withstand the usual punctures from nails and screws, after which they self-compact to significantly reduce the rate of air leakage.


Rubber seals up to 90% of tread punctures with a diameter of up to 0.25 inches. According to Michelin estimates, the loss of air pressure slows down to less than 15 psi per week. Of course, actual results may vary.

“Nothing spoils a family vacation like a flat tire,” comments Joseph Billman, an engineer for Ford wheels and tires. “Explorer is an excellent hauler for the whole family, and it’s perfect for new Michelin Selfseal tires.”

Ford is proud to announce that the Exporer 2020 model year will be the world’s first crossover to receive Michelin Selfseal tires, which will be available as standard for all-wheel drive Platinum and Limited Hybrid versions. Optionally, you can purchase them on limited all-wheel drive models with 255/55/20 tires.

The Blue Oval explains that the main advantage of self-repairing tires is that you do not need to stop at the road to replace a flat tire, which in turn reduces time wasted during the trip and increases the overall safety of the family.