Updated Fiat Panda will be offered in an all-electric version

Updated Fiat Panda will be offered in an all-electric version

August 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation of the Italian city car Fiat Panda will be shown in 2023. Along with the usual versions of the machine, customers will be offered a fully electric design.

The Italian company Fiat has already announced that the fully electric version of the next generation model 500 will go into production in Italy in the second quarter of 2020. Now it seems that the automaker also intends to electrify the next-generation urban “baby” Panda.

Earlier this week, it was said that a completely new generation of Fiat Panda will be presented in 2021, and Panda EV (the same model with only an electric motor) will appear two years after that.

Like the Centoventi concept car (pictured) presented by Fiat at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019, the future electric city car will be able to add battery packs – this is done to minimize the final price of the car. The Fiat Centoventi concept was equipped with a replaceable and updated battery. The idea is to allow customers to add up to three additional battery cells after purchasing a vehicle to increase their range.

 With a maximum number of battery packs on board (five modules), Centoventi can cover a distance of 804 km, while the minimum range with one module is 100 km.

The next-generation Fiat Panda will be very similar to Centoventi in its design – that’s what Olivier Francois, CEO of the company said. The brand plans to reduce its lineup to several cars based on 500 and Panda city cars, focusing on city mobility and family transportation.