Updated Dodge Challenger will be 767-hp

Updated Dodge Challenger will be 767-hp

June 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Dodge has published a teaser of the renewed oil car Challenger. In the video posted on the YouTube-brand channel, you can see how a two-track ride through the desert. In addition, it encrypts the debut date of the model and the power of the power plant.

In the video there are two coded inscriptions: the name RED767_62818 and the final text LOCK: RED797_19. According to Motor1, the word RED may indicate a new performance, 767 – the capacity of the modernized 6.2-liter G8, 62818 – the date of the public premiere (June 28, 2018), and 19 – the model year.


In May this year, Dodge published the first images of the updated Challenger SRT Hellcat. The sketches show that the model will receive a bonnet with a split air intake, as in the cars of the 1960-1970. In addition, the car will get some of the options from the 852-hp drag race modification SRT Demon.

After updating the current lineup, Dodge intends to transfer all its models to the Maserati platform. On the rear-wheel drive platform sedan Maserati Ghibli with a two-link suspension in the front and multi-link rear will build and Challenger the next generation.