Updated crossover Bentley Bentayga brought to the test

Updated crossover Bentley Bentayga brought to the test

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

With the latest update, Bentley gives its luxury SUV a more expressive appearance.

Fresh spy shots from cold Europe showcase the Bentley Bentayga, which receives updates that visually bring it closer to the Flying Spur and the more elegant Continental GT. In particular, these are larger front additional lamps, a revised lower panel and thinner taillights with pronounced oval elements, which are reflected in the double exhaust pipes.

Unlike the last prototype of a probable hybrid variant with the Flying Spur plug-in, seen during tests a little earlier, the Bentayga does not seem to have a double filler door (in Flying Spur it was used for gas and the other for plugs). However, this does not mean that Bentayga will not receive an updated version of the power plant PHEV.

It is possible that the update will make the “groan” V6 less sad and provide a little more pleasure from the clean EV mode. As with the expected hybrid variant, it is expected that Bentayga will receive all the other Flying Spur engine options, which are still represented by the unique W12 with a sports turbine. According to experts, the V8 should be available in both models.

Inside, changes are expected to reflect the technical and internal features of the latest Bentley models. Perhaps the SUV will get the latest Mulliner quilted leather trim for $ 15,000. More accurate information will come soon when Bentley removes all disguise from the revised Bentayga.