Updated Chevrolet Suburban will receive a version of Z71 to conquer the most fierce off-road

Updated Chevrolet Suburban will receive a version of Z71 to conquer the most fierce off-road

December 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to a reputable foreign publication, a full-size SUV model year 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe will soon be available in a more powerful version of the Z71.

The American company GM introduced completely new versions of its full-size SUVs Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban just a few weeks ago. In this case, the big cars are really completely new, and not only because of the “fresh” appearance. The design of the three-row big guys now has an independent rear suspension. The foreign edition of GM Authority, which, as their name implies, closely monitors the fate of all brands of the concern, suggests that the Suburban 2021 model year will also be offered in a more powerful configuration Z71, which is aimed at conquering even the most fierce off-road.
In fairness, I must say that we are not talking directly about something completely new, although in a sense this is so. The fact is that during the presentation of the updated Tahoe / Suburban, Chevrolet introduced the high-performance version of the Z71 only for the Tahoe SUV.

The Z71 is now a stand-alone package, and GM Authority announces that it will also be available for the larger Suburban. Allegedly, this information was received from the marketing director of the Chevrolet Truck division Bob Krapes, which deals with trucks and SUVs, and given the popularity of the Z71 “package” for many decades, we have no reason to doubt this news, despite the fact that Chevrolet representatives so far little has been said about this.

 What does this mean for the new Suburban? The Z71 is still the hardcore version of the model, with which the SUV gets even more off-road capabilities, so expect all the chips that the Z71 version is famous for on the novelty. There is no official information about the Suburban Z71 yet, but based on what we know about the Tahoe, an Air-Ride height-adjustable suspension will be offered already in the database. Sturdy bottom plates protect the vital components of the machine, and, like the Tahoe, the Suburban Z71 2021 model year must have a unique front bumper that provides a good angle of entry. It is also expected the appearance of special off-road tires and the presence of some new exterior details, which will emphasize the fact that before you is not the most ordinary version of the updated Suburban.