Updated BMW X7 spotted in tests

Updated BMW X7 spotted in tests

November 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Munich is preparing to unveil a new look for its flagship luxury SUV, the BMW X7.

BMW has begun road testing an updated version of its X7 luxury SUV, launched just two years ago, ahead of its expected launch in 2022. The revamped X7 will retain the current car’s huge front grille, in line with the company’s commitment to its radical, yet controversial, new styling direction.

A new series of spy shots confirms the restyling will focus on the headlights, which have dipped slightly lower and have taken on a more “boxy” shape, similar to the one recently seen on the prototype of the upcoming BMW i7 electric luxury sedan. In addition, the lower portion of the front bumper appears to have gotten rid of the protruding side air intakes of the current car.

After the initial debut of the X7 and the revamped 7-Series, with which it shares front end design, BMW chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk argued that the SUV’s protruding air intakes were proportional to the rest of the car and added: “Don’t worry, I don’t want this brand has become a brand of oversized radiator grilles, but I believe we understand the reasons for what we did with the 7-Series and that the problem will be solved by itself thanks to the changing tastes of the markets for which the grille was introduced. “

It’s unclear if BMW’s decision means to visually link the X7 and its electrified i7 variant. The company had previously stated that any hybrid version of the X7 would need to offer an electric range of more than 80km to meet market standards in China, a key market for the model. The X5 xDrive45e plug-in hybrid is officially capable of traveling 87 km on electric power, but its powertrain will need to be upgraded to provide the same range in the heavier X7 model.