Updated BMW M5 in CS version can get 641-horsepower engine

Updated BMW M5 in CS version can get 641-horsepower engine

June 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to reports, an updated version of the high-performance BMW M5 in an even more powerful version of the CS will debut this year and get 641 hp. power.

BMW introduced an updated version of the 5 Series business sedan less than a month ago, in addition, the Bavarian automaker has already introduced high-performance versions of the sedan – we are talking about the M5 and M5 in a more powerful version of Competition. The hottest, in every sense, version of the legendary BMW M5 – M5 CS 2021, will be presented a little later this year.

We saw a prototype of the most powerful version of the 5 Series without any camouflage back in October 2019.

The car had a spoiler on the trunk lid made of carbon fiber and “gold” rims, not to mention the “CS” badge and sports suspension. It goes without saying that the production version of the model will be based on the updated M5, and our friends from the foreign edition of BMWBLOG already know what awaits the four-door Bavarian supercar in the near future.

It is estimated that the power of the 4.4-liter V8 engine with two turbines will be increased from 617 horsepower, which is offered in the current M5 Competition, to a whopping 641 hp. Torque will also be increased from 750 to 800 Nm. In addition to increasing power, the updated M5 CS is said to use an upgraded limited-slip differential to enhance the sedan’s drive character.

The novelty will receive a lightweight carbon fiber roof, ceramic brakes and some aerodynamic improvements to the body. The BMW M5 CS is expected to cost $ 10,000 more than the M5 Competition. That is, the price of the new product should exceed $ 120,000

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that BMW introduced the “golden” version of the flagship 8 Series coupe. According to the automaker, absolutely all configurations of the Bavarian coupe BMW 8 Series can now be purchased in the exclusive “golden” version of Golden Thunder. There are no prices for the new version of the model yet.