Updated BMW 2 Series undergoes high-speed tests

Updated BMW 2 Series undergoes high-speed tests

September 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Spy shots appeared on the Internet showing a camouflaged prototype of the updated Bavarian BMW 2 Series coupe. Judging by how quickly the car goes into steep replays, it can be concluded that the car is going through a series of high-speed tests.

The next generation BMW 2 Series will only debut in 2021, but we’ve already seen a lot of spy shots of the new car. Some of the prototypes had a lot of camouflage, which indicates a significant change in the exterior of the rear-wheel drive Bavarian coupe. Today we can share the first video from the sports car tests – the car passed a series of tests on the Nürburgring race track.

Apparently, we are dealing with an M Performance version, which will probably receive the designation M240i.

There are reports that BMW will change the name of the version to M245i, perhaps to highlight the increase in engine power, but this remains to be seen.

While the sense of speed isn’t necessarily noticeable in a spy video, the loud squeal of tires means the test driver doesn’t hesitate to press the gas pedal to the floor. The fact that BMW has added a roll cage in the rear is further evidence that the 2 Series prototype was undergoing high-speed testing.

We can easily see the camouflage hood bulge and boot lid spoiler underneath the camouflage, while those angular tailpipe trims will probably only be on the M Performance version. This prototype is very close to the road. Orange side markers on the front bumper could be a hint that BMW is testing a US version, while silver mirror caps further suggest that it was an M Performance derivative.

The debut of the car should take place in 2021, the most powerful versions will be the M240i / M245i, and only some time later the most powerful M2 will be presented.

Not so long ago, we wrote that the new BMW M3 appeared on official teasers. The press office of the Bavarian automaker has released several teaser photos showing an updated version of the high-performance BMW M3 sedan. The novelty will be presented next Wednesday, September 23rd.