Updated Audi TT RS appeared in Southern Europe

Updated Audi TT RS appeared in Southern Europe

July 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Apparently, the German sports coupe absorbs the European sun during the test in rather hot conditions. The novelty can be presented at the Paris Automobile Exhibition in October this year. So far, representatives of the company Audi did not say anything about whether they will boycott this auto show or not.

Last time, when automobile publications published spy photos of the German novelty, it reeled around the legendary Nürburgring race track on a sunny spring day. Now, the test prototype Audi RS TT is seen somewhere in Southern Europe.

I must say that compared with the current version of the charged coupe TT RS is quite difficult to see any changes in the exterior.

Camouflage film partially covered the front of the car, well, and behind this same film is covered much more space. At first it seems that the car got essentially the same appearance as it is now, however, upon closer examination of the published photos, you can notice new vertical ventilation holes next to the radiator grille. By the way, the grille itself seems to have become a bit bigger in size, but this may be an illusion due to the specific pattern of the camouflage film.

In the back of the car is the same story. In general, we believe that the extensive use of camouflage film with a special pattern is necessary mainly to mislead us. No, of course in the rear wing there are small changes, and the rear lights got a little different graphics. Perhaps there are some other changes under the wrapper.

So far there is no official data on what else will change in the new Audi RS TT version. It is possible that Audi engineers will offer new options for interior decoration, as well as an updated information and entertainment system. The current TT RS boasts a 400-horsepower powerplant and so far we have not heard anything about that this car can get another motor.

Not so long ago it became known that specialists from ABT equipped the Audi RS6-E Avant 1000-hp engine.