Updated Audi Q2 spotted during tests

Updated Audi Q2 spotted during tests

February 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Audi’s compact crossover will receive an mid-cycle upgrade a bit later this year.

A team from Ingolstadt is currently preparing to present the updated A3 Sportback at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, while they are temporarily based in Northern Europe to test the revised Q2 compact crossover.

Now that Audi has its own citycar, the Q2 is no longer the entry point to the crossover family, although some will disagree with this statement, as the newcomer is basically a redesigned A1 supermini that still lacks Quattro all-wheel drive. After selling for more than three years, it is not surprising that the Q2 prototypes went to facelift tests, which should be revealed in the coming months.

Photo spies published fresh photos of several prototypes of the entry-level Audi crossover, each of which was equipped with a new headlight system. It goes without saying that the front groups correspond to other recent products of the company and are equipped with chic dynamic turn signals, which are becoming more common. Some of the prototypes had a low level of equipment and simpler LED taillights with conventional direction indicators.

The camouflage that hides the bumpers does not allow us to consider possible changes that may occur in these areas, but probably no major modifications compared to the current Q2 should be expected. Similar improvements will be applied to the SQ2 model with a large power reserve. It’s difficult to talk about any changes in the interior, but several times throughout the video we noticed that the prototypes of the tablet are still attached to the dashboard, which serves as an infotainment system.

As the next generation A3 debuts in Geneva next month, the Audi Q2 is likely to premiere at the Paris Motor Show in early October. A pint-sized crossover is likely to get some form of electrification to follow the clean EV Q2 L E-Tron released in China last year.