Unusual tuning of the baby VW Beetle

Unusual tuning of the baby VW Beetle

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

With the powerful Japanese engine Subaru EJ20 with turbocharging, which is installed in the rear of the car, this “turbo beetle” will certainly surprise you. Data on the technical characteristics of the car yet.

One of the fans of the Volkswagen brand had a dream – to build an incredibly powerful and stylish version of the small city car Beetle, which ultimately could stand up for itself in the race. For these purposes, and was acquired by a regular copy of the VW Beetle, which then changed beyond recognition.

An enthusiast asked for some car craftsmen to help him in his project, which was called the Super Beetle. In total, it took 10 years to build a “dream car”. But as the author himself says, it was worth it.

For his project, Adonis, that is the name of the guy who decided to remake his “beetle”, decided to use the engine from the sports Subaru (model EJ20), which was equipped with models Impreza and Legacy.

 Then he bought a finished turbine to make the engine run at high speed in order to increase its power.

 Custom-made injectors with a capacity of 1000 cubic meters. cm, intake and exhaust valves, BMW front disc brakes improved overall assembly performance. New shock absorbers were also installed for the front and rear suspension. Inside the Beetle appeared sports seats, a safety cage, a huge brake lever, and the intake ports for the intercooler were integrated with the rear windows.

  Much to our regret, so far there is no data on how much power this “super-beetle” can produce, just as there are no measurements of its dynamic characteristics. The Subaru EJ20 engine has a 2.0 liter capacity and a wide power range from 125 to 328 hp.