Unusual rocket car is sold for 19 thousand dollars

Unusual rocket car is sold for 19 thousand dollars

July 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The vehicle was created to set an absolute speed record. Now it will be sold at an online auction.

Online auction Bring a Trailer announced the sale of a very unusual lot – a unique rocket car. Such a vehicle was created in order to set an absolute speed record among road transport. To do this, the car was equipped with a powerful V8 gasoline engine from Cadillac, which consists of two powerful Garrett turbines, 16 nozzles and a liquid intercooler. In tandem with the power plant, a 5-speed transmission with a pneumatic shift system works.

The rear brake discs are made of carbon fiber to withstand heavy G-forces. Also, the rocket car is equipped with two parachutes, which are necessary for a sharp drop in speed after reaching the maximum. The body not only has an interesting and unusual shape, but is also made of aluminum. It is worth recalling that the car coped with its task – in September 2010 it was able to accelerate to 409,170 miles per hour, which is identical to 658.496 km / h.

Even the most powerful production cars fail to come close to this result.
The technical condition of the car put up for auction is not the best now – it has not been used for the last 5 years. For such a lot they plan to gain 19 thousand US dollars

Meanwhile, the 1988 BMW M3 was up for sale. Despite its considerable age, the car has a low mileage and has remained in excellent technical condition. For the supercar they plan to gain 121 thousand dollars