Unusual Ferrari F42 Design Study shown in the images

Unusual Ferrari F42 Design Study shown in the images

May 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The render was developed by Pavel Breschke Chizhevsky from Poland.

This illustration took Ferrari an independent designer for at least seven months, and instead of acting as a potential replacement for any particular current Ferrari in production, it is suggested to see what a completely new model would look like if Ferrari designers were given the go-ahead to create something really wild.

    “The first thought on the Ferrari F42 was to create a new version of the F40, but every idea I tested didn’t look good enough,” says Pavel. “That’s why I changed my mind and went in another direction, creating my own version of the Ferrari image, inspired by several models of this brand. But I also cared about the rear spoiler, like the F40 style, ”he added.

The front end consists of thin LED headlights that almost connect in the center of the bumper. There are also large tailpipes for the carbon fiber exhaust system and an extended carbon fiber splitter. Aerodynamics clearly played a key role in the design of the F42 with a large hood inlet designed to improve airflow.

The Ferrari models currently on the market have a rather restrained design, especially compared to the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and the new Huracan hardcore version. However, the F42 is as bold as the Lamborghinis, thanks to its large side air intakes and carbon-fiber “skirts”.

Crazy aero design is especially noticeable at the rear with a rear wing in the style of the F40 and a massive diffuser. The Italian brand is not a fan of the large rear wings on its modern road cars, but in this case it works brilliantly.