Unusual collection of 20 classic Pontiacs put up for auction

Unusual collection of 20 classic Pontiacs put up for auction

May 3, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This private collection was put together by US Navy veteran and former Post Office employee Bernie Larson. Now all these Pontiacs will be auctioned off.

This thematic collection of cars contains 20 copies. The so-called mono collections are quite common: someone collects Jaguars or Volkswagen classics, and someone is a fan of Pontiac cars. This is, for example, American Bernie Larson.

Leaving the postal service, he concentrated all his energies on creating this interesting automotive collection. He made it a rule not to miss and often attended swap meetings and was always looking for cars and parts. After his death last year, his family decided to sell the collection.

One of its exhibits is the closest relative of the Chevrolet Camaro – the 1971 Pontiac Firebird. This model is not presented in a single copy: there are two more such cars with engines of different power.

The collection also includes several Pontiacs from the special Trans AM series: these machines already received a more powerful engine at the factory.

Many cars need skilled hands of specialists: it would not hurt them to return the presentation. You can also buy original spare parts for cars of this brand on online togas. The cars are already available for purchase, and the components will go up for auction in June.

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