Unmanned buses will be tested in five European cities

Unmanned buses will be tested in five European cities

June 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

After a year and a half of planning, the FABULOS city bus automation project is ready to begin testing the shuttle in real conditions. The best unmanned minibus models will become part of the public transport of five European cities.

The FABULOS project (Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation System) began its work in January 2018 with the financial support of the European Union. Its goal is to test the viability of the idea of ​​autonomous public transport integrated into urban infrastructure, writes New Atlas. Last month, a pilot test began in Helsinki (Finland), in June similar experiments will be launched in Gyesdal (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia), and then in Lamia (Greece) and Helmond (Netherlands).

“Helsinki is about to become the most convenient city in the world,” said Mayor Jan Vapaavuori. – Innovations that support the best possible conditions for urban life are the essence of our strategy. Therefore, promoting sustainable transport models is considered a top priority. ”

The 50-day test will test the functionality, compatibility and safety of unmanned prototypes of minibuses manufactured by the Finnish-Spanish company Sensible4-Shotl, Norwegian-Canadian engineers from Saga and the Estonian company Mobile Civitatem.

Upon completion of the tests, the project management will evaluate the drone fleet management system, the operation of remote control points, the ability of drones to cope with difficult traffic situations and much more. The prototypes of minibuses that have shown the best results will receive a contract for serial production in 2021.