Unique Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition revealed in Las Vegas

Unique Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition revealed in Las Vegas

November 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the SEMA Show introduced the 750-horsepower Toyota Supra with a full carbon body. The sports car received a unique powerplant, body kit and body color.

Japanese company Toyota asked NASCAR analyst and former leading American version of Top Gear Rutledge Wood TV show to develop a new version of the Supra sports car for the SEMA Show. The result is a Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition, developing a capacity of 750 horsepower. The sports car body is made of carbon fiber. The car was shown in Las Vegas.

 The carbon body kit consists of 20 elements, thanks to it the car body has become much wider, which is especially noticeable in the rear. The fuel tank hatch is now located not vertically, but almost horizontally. According to a Toyota press release, the body kit was designed to be attached to the Supra without any modifications. Even the metal roof was replaced with a carbon one for greater weight reduction.

 The sports car received 20-inch Lightspeed Racing rims, consisting of three parts with a carbon rim, worn on Continental ExtremeContact Sport rubber. Also, KW Automotive V3 adjustable coilovers are installed to reduce ground clearance.

 The company LL17 Motorsports, which is involved in the project, got more power from the turbocharged 3.0-liter Supra six-cylinder engine thanks to Boost Logic. To do this, they made a new exhaust manifold, as well as a Boost Logic downpipe, which directs exhaust gases to and from the titanium exhaust. As a result, engine power exceeded 750 horsepower.

Body HyperBoost Edition Supra painted in color TRD Cement Gray.

A little earlier we reported that the new generation Toyota Supra first received the manual transmission. The sports car was equipped with a mechanical transmission from BMW, experts from the European Auto Group worked on this.

Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition