Unique Skoda 935 Dynamic celebrates 85th anniversary

Unique Skoda 935 Dynamic celebrates 85th anniversary

September 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This concept car, one of a kind, debuted at the Prague Motor Show in the Czech Republic back in 1935. This is the result of the Czech brand’s early experiments in aerodynamics.

The Skoda 935 Dynamic prototype boasted a sleek four-door coupe with improved aerodynamics. The Czechs managed to achieve a very low drag coefficient (cw = 0.37). For its time, this car became a real breakthrough: a spectacular appearance with refined lines, a body made of aluminum and steel, a good engine that allows you to accelerate to 130 km / h. An impressive achievement for a pre-war car.

Unsurprisingly, after the premiere of this concept, Skoda quickly found new customers. The 935 Dynamic is powered by a two-liter, 54-horsepower, four-cylinder, water-cooled boxer engine. The 4-speed transmission for the innovative coupe was developed by the French company Cotal.

She supported semi-automatic gear shifting. It was this car that inspired the Czechs to create a two-seater sports car for the 1937 Monte Carlo rally. The rally car was eventually built, but it never made it to the start.

The only 935 Dynamic ever built was sold to a private buyer in 1939, and Skoda bought it back in the 1960s for its collection of historic cars.
Three years ago, it underwent a thorough restoration in the museum workshop and is now one of the most striking exhibits in the exhibition in Mlada Boleslav.