Unique Leman Mazda found after 35 years

Unique Leman Mazda found after 35 years

February 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In one of the prefectures of Japan discovered a sports car RX-7 254i

Considered lost 35 years ago, the Leman Mazda RX-7 254i was found in one of the remote prefectures of Japan. Authenticity of the car was confirmed by the former technical director of Mazdaspeed Mr. Tatimoto.

The last time a car was seen was in 1984 during the “1000 kilometers of Fuji” marathon. To confirm the originality of the 254i was a unique suspension and brake system, as well as the chassis from the previous 253i, which visited the old body. A total of two copies of the 254th were collected, one of which was smashed at the Fuji circuit.

According to bestcarweb.jp, Mazda ordered the restoration of a sports car, so that after a while the car could return to the race. The composite body will be repaired by Powercraft, and the rotary engine will be commissioned to make the RE Amemiya tuning studio.

In September 2017, a 10-meter Mazda 787B appeared next to the Laguna Seca autodrome. The art object, commissioned by the SCRAMP racing association, is installed in memory of the only Japanese car that won the “24 Hours of Le Mans” – the sport prototype, number 55, won the race in 1991.