Unique Fiat 500 powered by Honda Civic Type R put up for sale

Unique Fiat 500 powered by Honda Civic Type R put up for sale

July 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In addition to the powerful engine, the car is able to attract with its appearance – due to the enlarged wheel arches, it looks wide and very unusual.

In the United States, an unusual car appeared on sale – it was the Fiat 500, which has two features. The car was based on the 1971 model, which was driven by a “miniature” 0.5-liter engine. Redline Restorations replaced it with a 1.6-liter B16B. Such a motor was used in the Honda Civic Type R – it is capable of delivering power of 194 hp, and the maximum number of revolutions reaches 9000 per minute. 5-speed manual transmission works in tandem with the power plant.

Recall that the Redline Restorations workshop specializes in the restoration of cars and has won popular competitions more than once. The second feature was the unusual appearance of the car, obtained by him due to the wide wheel arches. Due to this design, the front of the car has become very expressive. The car was also equipped with new Abarth Sport brake discs, XO Luxury branded wheels and a fuel tank in the front trunk.

The front fascia of the Fiat 500 has been almost completely redesigned and the steering wheel has a sporty truncated shape.
Additional air intakes were installed to cool the more powerful engine. For such a car they plan to help out a very considerable amount – $ 85,000

Earlier it became known that Fiat is working on two new cars. Their presentation may take place as early as 2021. One crossover will be compact, while the other will be more prestigious.