Unique Elvis Presley’s Cadillac put up for auction

Unique Elvis Presley’s Cadillac put up for auction

October 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the collection of the King of Rock and Roll, there were about a hundred of these machines, but experts call this instance special.

The love of the cult singer for Cadillac cars is well known. According to the biographers of Elvis Presley, there were 150 cars in his garage, one hundred of which could boast of Cadillac logos. One of these Cadillacs was put up for auction. The main value of the “lot” is that it is precisely these cars that Elvis Presley used especially actively until his death. Elegant Cadillac 1972 model year was auctioned in Salzburg.

Experts note that this car, like many cars from the singer’s collection, was first presented. His new owner was the manager of Elvis Presley, but the gift was not appreciated. Noticing that Cadillac is “idle” the singer took him back.

Interestingly, this custom car has a highly limited edition – only two copies. The second Cadillac is owned by American pop-jazz singer Dean Martin. The starting price for the unique Elvis Presley Cadillac is still kept secret.