Unique Dodge on wood put up for sale

Unique Dodge on wood put up for sale

April 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The buyer will receive a one-of-a-kind car. The price that the current owner is asking for will pleasantly surprise you.

On Saturday, April 4, an announcement about the sale of a unique Dodge pickup appeared on the Craigslist trading platform. It’s all about the source of his energy. It is no secret to anyone that for a long time they searched for alternative sources of energy for gasoline for cars. Now these are electric and hybrid motors, and in the 60s of the last century they tried to use kerosene, vegetable oil and even tequila.

But at the junction of these two eras, in 1995 there was a Dodge Dakota pickup truck that can work not only on gasoline, but also on wood. A special device is located in the back of a pickup truck. Its principle of operation is based on the process of gasification of wood – the conversion of wood into fuel occurs at very high temperatures.

Of the minuses of this method, we note the space occupied by the installation – there is practically no free space in the back of the pickup truck.

┬áThe pickup is in good technical condition. The paintwork and the body as a whole are also well preserved. On the odometer appears mileage of 158,000 kilometers. As a classic engine, a V8 carburetor engine is used, working in tandem with automatic transmission. I was very surprised by the low cost of the copy – 4,500 US dollars. Usually, for such miracles, technicians try to help out more.