Under the name Audi TT will sell a new electric crossover?

Under the name Audi TT will sell a new electric crossover?

October 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Poor sales of the German sports coupe may mean that the Audi TT model, in its current form, will nevertheless disappear from the company’s lineup. Under this name, a new electric crossover will be sold – its working name is Audi ettron.

Despite the fact that many people like the German sports coupe Audi TT, poor sales of the model indicate that, most likely, this car will soon cease to exist at all. Yes, in its present form, the days of the sports model are apparently numbered.

 It’s simple, in the past few years, crossovers and SUVs have gained more and more popularity, because it is they who can offer their owners much more practicality and decent ground clearance. Well, sales of the Audi TT are slowly starting to sag. It is reported that in total, dealers of the German automaker sold only 8,756 copies of the TT coupe and 3,362 TT units in the back of a roadster worldwide for 2019.

According to the publication of a foreign publication, whose journalists refer to the words of official representatives of the German brand, it was finally decided to change the status of the once sports model – now a completely new electric crossover will be sold under this name.

Well, given the fact that the German Volkswagen Group, which includes the premium company Audi, is now “throwing” all its energy into ubiquitous electrification, making an Audi TT crossover with an electric motor will not be a difficult task.

It is noteworthy that the new SUV already has the working name Audi ettron. Thanks to the wide range of new platforms for electric vehicles used by the VW Group, Audi has made it easier to make such radical changes in the philosophy of its models. Moreover, the flexibility of the platforms allows the use of several versions of Audi ettron with varying degrees of performance. In the current automaker’s lineup, the novelty will be located below the Audi Q3. The interior will boast fully touch controls.