Under the brand Harley-Davidson began to make bicycles

Under the brand Harley-Davidson began to make bicycles

June 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Under the brand Harley-Davidson began production of bicycles. The novelty is a replica of the original model, built by William Harley and the Davidson brothers. It was issued from 1917 to 1922 to attract a young audience to the brand.

The project is a joint work of the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee and the Heritage Bicycles company from Chicago. The developers were able to exactly repeat the original bicycle, which was called Model 7-17. I had only to enlarge the frame, so that the bike would fit for people of high stature.

A total of 10 bicycles are planned to be produced. Each will be manually painted in olive color. The cost is 4200 dollars. For comparison, the prices for the most affordable model of the motorcycle Harley-Davidson now start from seven thousand dollars.

Bicycle orders will be accepted through the Harley-Davidson Museum. The company will be engaged in the production of Heritage Bicycles.

Earlier, the motorcycle workshop Ehinger Kraftrad created a unique series of gin: each bottle contains components from old Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The cost of the drink ranges from 900 to 1100 euros.