UK to launch platform for budget electric vehicles

UK to launch platform for budget electric vehicles

January 26, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The author of the platform is Neil Yates, Lead Engineer at Ariel Hipercar.

Ariel Hipercar’s leading engineer, Briton Neil Yates, has developed a concept for a new platform for niche electric cars. The new chassis is expected to allow British companies to move quickly to the production of electric vehicles. According to Yeats, small companies should start developing their electric cars now, so that in 2030 they will not be left with nothing.

The new platform was named PACES. Its main advantage can be considered the ability to adapt to any type of small and medium-sized vehicles. In addition, the platform allows engineers to implement any type of drive and install up to four electric motors in a car.

To make it easier to adapt the platform to different vehicle sizes, Yates came up with a system called FlexTech. It assumes that third-party manufacturers of ready-made profiles will supply them and that the profiles will be assembled on site as required by the company. As proof that the new platform works well, the engineer put together his own electric version of the classic Porsche 356 A from the 1950s.