Uffe Tegström about missing diamonds from Kimi’s helmet

Uffe Tegström about missing diamonds from Kimi’s helmet

April 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the beginning of last year, we talked about the Finnish artist Uffe Tegström, who for many years collaborates with Kimi Raikkonen and develops the design of his helmets.

On the pages of the Iltalehti tabloid, Tegström recalls the old and very mysterious story that occurred during the 2005 Grand Prix of Monaco, where Kimi won the race, while he was speaking for McLaren. It was Uffe who designed a special helmet for Kimi, in which the Finn competed in that race.

“It seems that I was the first who began to practice the complex design of helmets in Formula 1,” said the artist. – I still do not know whether this is good or bad. The adherents of the old traditions did not understand this, but it seemed to us that it was great, but now everyone has such helmets. ”

Back in 2004, Kimi wanted to perform in Monaco in a specially designed helmet, but, according to Uffe, it turned out that it is not so simple: “Ron Dennis said that this would not happen, because the rider must be recognized by his usual helmet. But other people in the McLaren liked our idea, and managed to convince Dennis. The helmet was impressive, behind it was the silhouette of Monaco, along with the harbor and everything else. ”

Of course, that helmet drew general attention, and a year later Dennis himself turned to Tegström with the proposal to continue an interesting tradition.

The artist developed a new design for Kimi’s helmet, and this time it used diamonds from the jewelry house of Steinmetz, sponsor of McLaren, with which the word Iceman was laid out.

Kimi won, but the story with the helmet ended not the best way.

“The diamonds were removed from the helmet and were supposed to be somewhere in Motorhome, I was looking for them myself, but they were never found,” Tegström recalls. – There was a lot of talk due to the fact that diamonds were glued to the helmet using double-sided tape. I originally said that in my workshop in Tampere I can fix them on the helmet more reliably. But they did not trust me and glued them to the helmet themselves. You can say it yourself to blame. “

However, the loss of diamonds that cost more than one thousand euros from Raikkonen’s helmet was not such a unique story: the year before, a diamond disappeared in Monaco, which was decorated with a Jaguar car made by Austrian Christian Wedge.