Uber Will Spend $500 Million into global mapping project

Uber Will Spend $500 Million into global mapping project

August 3, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Services Order taxi online Uber intends to invest $ 500 million in developing its own mapping service, The Financial Times reports. Uber relies heavily on Google’s extensive maps. The main objective of the project – to provide complete independence from the Google Maps.

It is noted that in June 2015 the company acquired a collection of images on Bing search engine specifically for this project. Uber’s head of mapping, former Google Maps exec Brian McClendon, described the initiative as a “doubling down on our investment in mapping.” “The accuracy of maps is the basis of our service and the base of our business. Now we feel the urgent need for the creation of cartography service, which would be correlated with the needs of business, which is why we have decided to increase investment in the development card “- explains the position of a leading expert company in the field of digital cartography Brian McClendon.

Currently Uber card developers will use data from user’s smartphone, as well as the launch in different cities of the world special vehicles, equipped with mapping and video equipment. Such vehicles already runs on motorways and others streets of the United States and Mexico. In the near future the initiative will be launched in other countries.

The reason for creating your own service is a low accuracy of detail of objects in some regions on Google Maps. This issue is particularly relevant for developing countries. In terms of leadership Uber, such errors in navigation can become the cause of a very tangible financial losses. Another possible reason for the development of self-service company Uber could be to raise tariffs for the commercial companies to use the Google Maps.