Uber will develop a flying taxi in Paris

Uber will develop a flying taxi in Paris

May 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Uber will invest 20 million euros in the construction of a new research center, which will develop artificial intelligence and air traffic control systems

Uber is going to build a new research center in Paris, which will specialize in developing a flying taxi. The project is invested 20 million euros, the press service of the company.


In the new center, over the next five years, they will work on algorithms of artificial intelligence, as well as work out air traffic control systems. In the development of the flying taxi will take part specialists from the Polytechnic School (École polytechnique), located in the suburbs of Paris.

At the same time, Uber has a rather complicated history of its business in the French capital. Service encountered dissatisfaction with the local trade unions of taxi drivers who arranged strikes and riots, as well as with opposition from authorities that banned the cheap UberPop service in 2015.

Earlier it became known that Uber and NASA signed an agreement on cooperation, within which a so-called “flying taxi” will be developed. NASA will take part in the development of a principally new air traffic control system designed specifically for low-altitude flight vehicles that will enter the fleet of the new service. It is assumed that the aircraft will be able to unmanned control.

According to preliminary data, the service of a flying taxi should be launched in 2020. First, an air taxi will start operating in Dubai, a major airport in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, and in Los Angeles.