Uber taxi service banned in Brussels

Uber taxi service banned in Brussels

January 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Brussels, a commercial court declared illegal the provision of Uber taxi services in the capital of Belgium.

It is noted that only drivers with a Brussels license and a luminous taxi signal on the roof of the car, can do this kind of transportation. The court made such a decision back in December, but it was made public only now.

The publication notes that this decision is final. It means that drivers who do not have a permit from 1995 have no right to carry a cab, “whatever the name of the service associated with Uber”.

The authorities of Belgium began to address the issue of Uber in 2015. Brussels has since survived several protest taxi drivers. There were also attacks on Uber drivers.

Earlier in Austria, the Vienna Commercial Court blocked the work of Uber in the capital. The court found that Uber’s working methods do not comply with the rules established for Viennese taxis. For any violation of the injunction Uber faces a fine of up to 100 thousand euros.