Uber sues for copyright infringement

Uber sues for copyright infringement

February 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Uber is filing a lawsuit against its employee. The company claims that its app, which determines if Uber is underpaid to its drivers, misuses the Uber trademark.

Armin Sami, the developer of the UberCheats extension for the Google Chrome browser, said that taxi service Uber has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on its app to remove the app from the company’s app store.

The app is designed to help Uber drivers determine if they were paid correctly for their ride. A complaint to Google sent by Sami alleges that “the UberCheats app infringes his trademark.”

“The app uses without permission the Uber mark, a trademark owned and controlled by Uber Technologies, Inc.,” Uber wrote in its complaint. “We request that the app immediately cease using any Uber trademarks or any other names or marks that might lead consumers to mistakenly believe that its products or services are associated with Uber or authorized by Uber.”

The app, according to Armin Sami, was created while he was working as a delivery specialist for UberEats.

In particular, he said that while fulfilling one order, he was paid for delivery over a distance of 1.61 km, while he traveled 6.44 km. Indeed, in 2017, Uber admitted that it was underpaid for its drivers in New York.

Uber admitted that it underpaid its drivers for two whole years. As compensation, the drivers were paid $ 900 to each.

Thus, Sami’s app sought to compare Uber’s calculated rates with real ones to ensure the company was paying “fair money.” While UberCheats could restart under a new name, Sami wants to dispute the infringement lawsuit, saying he has approached both Google and Uber.

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