Uber launched the Uber Bike electric bike rental service in San Francisco

Uber launched the Uber Bike electric bike rental service in San Francisco

February 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Uber company has announced the launch of the Uber Bike service, which will allow users of the service to rent an electric bike and reach their destination on their own, if the price for a standard car trip seems excessive and the waiting time for the nearest driver is too long.

The Uber Bike by JUMP service is still in the pilot mode in San Francisco, it is launched in conjunction with the New York startup JUMP (JUMP Bikes), formerly known as Social Bicycles. To participate in the testing it is necessary to submit an application, because at this stage only 250 bicycles with an electric motor are available to potential customers.

Bike ordering is carried out with the help of the standard Uber application, in which you need to select the Bike option. After that, the map will show the nearest free bikes that can be booked in the Uber app – from this moment the countdown begins. Unlike the standard Uber taxi, which will come to you, you have to go to the bike yourself.

Each Jump electric bike is equipped with a built-in U-lock with a digital code (uber promo code) that the Uber app will give to the one who reserved this instance.

Rent a bike costs $ 2 for 30 minutes, every minute of exceeding the limit will cost another $ 0.07, so the service is really designed for short trips, rather than unhurried tourist rides.

After the end of the trip, the Jump bike will need to be fastened to any available bicycle rack, which distinguishes it from services like Nextbike where the bike can be left only on branded stations with lock racks.

Note that the choice of the electric model (electric pedal assistance) is due primarily to the landscape of San Francisco, where not every cyclist can climb the hill without the help of an electric motor. In addition to the integrated lock and auxiliary electric motor, the JUMP is equipped with a large boot, and all wires and components are hidden inside the frame.