Uber is going to buy self-driving cars

Uber is going to buy self-driving cars

June 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company from the United States is going to participate in the manufacture of self-driving cars based on the Volvo crossover.

Uber will launch the production of smart machines in Sweden. For this purpose, will be used SUV from “Volvo” XC90. This was told by the Associated Press. According to his information, the whole technological chain will be organized at the car plant. The on-board computer will play the main role in the new car, the function of self-government will be turned off at the request of the driver.

Prior to this, the company had already bought similar crossovers in the amount of 250 units: they were all equipped with a self-government system. Soon, modernized cars will appear on the streets and highways of the United States and will replace the outdated fleet of Uber.

According to the head of one of the divisions of the company, Eric Meyhofer, in the future it is planned to buy tens of thousands of converted cars.

Uber is one of the most popular carriers operating in the online services system. His services can be used with the application downloaded to the phone. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. Uber began its operations in 2009, and today its units appeared in five hundred cities located in eighty countries.