Uber has lost the right to work in London

Uber has lost the right to work in London

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The decision of the London authorities to revoke the transportation license from Uber is a dangerous precedent for the entire ride sharing industry. But the reason for this is not the protests of taxi drivers.

Uber has been revoked a license to provide transportation services in London, according to the Guardian. The company’s lawyers appealed the decision of the Department of Transportation, and Uber remains in this market until its consideration.

 The conflict with Uber occurred after in 2017, the authorities found out that 14,000 trips were made by drivers without insurance, without rights or with a suspended license.

In September, the company was issued another temporary permit for two months, for which Uber had to report on the measures taken. The report did not satisfy the authorities, and the management of the ridersharing application did not wait for the next decision on the temporary extension.

The transportation department said Uber’s business identified “unsafe patterns” that put passengers at risk. The company did not manage to dispel doubts that in the future dangerous situations for passengers would not arise, so the authorities considered it “in poor condition”.

The appeal must be prepared within 21 days – at least before its consideration, Uber will continue to work in the British capital.

London Mayor Sadik Khan announced his support for this decision and emphasized that he understood why it was made.

The Uber leadership called the decision to revoke the license “wrong” and indicated that two months ago, the Department of Transport, evaluating the new procedures, temporarily extended the license.

According to the North European office, in London, 45,000 drivers work with Uber, and about 3.5 million people use the company’s services.