Uber decided to leave only electric cars in the vehicle fleet

Uber decided to leave only electric cars in the vehicle fleet

October 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

This decision was made in support of the London authorities, who want to fully switch to electric transport.

From the beginning of next year, Uber will charge an additional fee to passengers, so that drivers working in the taxi service will be transferred to “green” cars by 2021. About what the head of the company Dara Khosroushi said last Tuesday.


The “fresh air charge” charged to passengers per mile (1.6 km) will be 15 pence. Thus, travel in London, on average, will rise in price by 45 pence.

It is noted that over 20,000 drivers of the company will be able to earn extra money to purchase an electric car. This will help reduce the number of cars with a traditional engine in the city. The same taxi drivers who refuse to buy a car with an electric motor are not only deprived of additional payments, they will also pay tax on a par with everyone else for driving in the city.

In the company itself, the initiative to replace the fleet is called Clean Air Plan, says Khosroushakhi and is to invest in the development of the capital. Currently, there are 45,000 cars in the Uber park, it is expected that at least 20,000 of them will be replaced by electric cars.

In the meantime, Uber is restoring the former test mode of drones after a tragic accident eight months ago.