Uber curtailed development of cargo unmanned vehicles

Uber curtailed development of cargo unmanned vehicles

July 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Uber decided to abandon the development of cargo unmanned vehicles. This is reported by Techcrunch with reference to the head of Uber Advanced Technologies Eric Mayhofer. According to him, now the company will focus only on the creation of passenger drones. The reasons for this decision are not reported.

“We decided on an important step and returned to the roads of Pittsburgh. We want to consolidate this important moment, therefore we consider the best way forward to concentrate all the forces and skills of our team in this direction,” – the top manager explained.

In 2016, a test of heavy trucks with automatic control was launched by the American start-up Otto, which is the property of the Uber taxi service. For example, in August the unmanned Otto truck, built on the basis of a Volvo truck, was able to deliver 50,000 cans of beer alone, traveling more than 200 km from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.

However, later Waymo, which focuses on the development of standalone technologies, accused Uber of its Otto project of using stolen technologies for unmanned vehicles. A suit was filed with the San Francisco District Court, Reuters reported. In particular Waymo believes that the engineer Anthony Lewandowski, before leaving Google stole about 14 000 files containing information about the development of stand-alone technologies. The top manager was accused of using this data to develop an unmanned system for Otto.

In March of this year, a Uber autonomous vehicle killed a female cyclist in Arizona on March 18. The tragedy occurred in the city of Tempe near the pedestrian crossing. At the time of the accident, the machine moved off-line. This is the first recorded case of human death as a result of a collision of an unmanned vehicle. After that, the company was forced to temporarily stop the tests of drones.