Uber created a system for identifying drunken passengers

Uber created a system for identifying drunken passengers

June 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

New technology Uber can remotely identify a drunk passenger and warn the driver

The company Uber has developed a special system for remote recognition of a drunk passenger. A patent application for the registration of this technology firm has already filed with the relevant agency in the United States, reports USA Today.

The system will analyze the speed of data entry by the customer and the presence of grammatical errors when ordering. Also, technology will take into account the location of the passenger, time of day and even the speed of his walking. All these data will be compared with the information that was received about the client before. Based on this, artificial intelligence will assess the passenger’s condition and warn the driver about it.

Earlier, Uber Taxi Service registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) technology designed to prevent passengers from swaying while riding. It is assumed that the new system will be used in unmanned vehicles.

So, the new system Uber assumes the use of special light indicators and displays designed to warn passengers about the upcoming dispersals, braking and cornering of the drone, according to a predetermined route. In addition, the development of special seats that vibrate during braking and tilting during turns is envisaged. Finally, the introduction of a special air blown air system for the face and other parts of the body is planned.