Uber and NASA decided to create a flying taxi

Uber and NASA decided to create a flying taxi

November 9, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that soon the world will begin to remind more and more of the footage from the film “The Fifth Element” when, in the flying taxi of Bruce Willis (who is also Korben Dallas – one of the main characters in the film), Mila Jovovich, fell through the roof. And all because Uber and NASA announced the creation of software and infrastructure for a flying taxi.

As reported by The Guardian, the director of production Uber Jeff Holden signed an agreement to develop an application that will regulate taxi traffic in the air.

The agreement with NASA Jeff Holden commented: “We invite the (aviation) authorities to cooperate, and we also begin the dialogue at a very early stage, so that all project participants can understand the essence of our plans.”

At the moment it is known that the company intends to introduce both manned and unmanned vehicles into the network of flying taxis. The first tests involving flying taxis will begin already in 2020 in Los Angeles, and as early as 2023 the network can begin its work.

At the moment, Uber intends to focus on aircraft and helicopters, as companies such as Embraer, Mooney, Bell Helicopters, and Aurora appear on the list of air transport manufacturers. Also, Uber has already begun negotiations with the company Sandstone, which specializes in the construction of helipads on skyscrapers.