Two-wheel electroskate will accelerate to 130 km / h

Two-wheel electroskate will accelerate to 130 km / h

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

If the electric scooter seems trivial, but always overtakes at a speed of 25 km / h – you need a two-wheeled skate with chain drive Speedboard from David Jackson. Even the civilian version is slightly insane, and he is already dreaming of putting together a superboard and breaking a speed record.

The engineer from Los Angeles, David Jackson, has probably developed the coolest device for moving around the city: his Speedboard electroskate has a speed of up to 48 km / h, it is very maneuverable and travels on uneven surfaces – trampled ground or gravel. On the campaign page in Kickstarter, he also promises to put together a version that will set a speed record for electric skateboards, and accelerate to 130 km / h on it.

Usually, electric skateboards are slightly modified conventional boards, with four wheels and direct electric drive. Jackson approached the idea in a completely different way. Speedboard’s inflatable wheels with a diameter of 26 cm, which allows you to ride on uneven surfaces. And there are only two of them. And the Speedboard accelerates a powerful 4 kW motor and a chain drive – this is more reliable, the engineer assures. The speed is controlled from a hand transmitter that transmits information via Bluetooth.

 The front wheel due to a special skew mechanism tilts up to 30 degrees. The turning radius of the Speedboard is just 2.4 meters.

The maximum speed – 48 km / h – is also not chosen by chance. Jackson believes that it is safer in city traffic: those who drive slower are often overtaken and pruned. And skate – and p

Testing the prototypes, David drew his eyes to himself, and each passerby wanted to know what speed can be gained on an unusual board made of aviation aluminum.

The current version is powered by 52 lithium-ion batteries, combined in four blocks. Total capacity – 396 W * h. All of them can be disconnected and charged separately. It is also necessary to transport the Speedboard in an airplane. The charge lasts for 25-38 km of track – depending on the weight and driving style.

Jackson calls his skateboard “the dream of any teenager” – and in a few days of the campaign he collected $ 20,000 necessary for the production of the first batch. Speeboard costs $ 1999 for crowdfunding participants; deliveries will begin in January 2020.

Skateboarding is not such an obvious option for urban mobility as scooters, but engineers occasionally turn to this idea when they need something super-maneuverable. One of the interesting options is the Audi scooter with a unique one-handed control system. By the way, it costs a little more than Jackson’s products.