Two of the three Honda cars will be electrified by 2030

Two of the three Honda cars will be electrified by 2030

July 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Electric cars are becoming more popular. But despite the fact that electric cars often become the culprits of news stories, yet their share in the automotive market is catastrophically low. Therefore, companies are just starting serious work on a new segment.

Do not want to lag behind the trend and the Japanese brand Honda, in whose plans electrify most (about 70%) of all their cars by 2030. To this end, Honda and General Motors have entered into a bilateral multi-year agreement. Within the framework of this agreement, the companies will develop technologies and create new generation battery batteries.

And the Japanese brand intends to electrify all its cars in the future. To do this, each car will be produced with a moderate or plug-in hybrid, or with a fully electric power plant. The first “swallow” of the new strategy was the hybrid model of Clarity PHEV.

This model is equipped with an innovative twin-engine hybrid system developed by Honda itself. The new system is based on the Sport Hybrid i-MMD. The Clarity PHEV model can operate in three modes: EV (electric), Hybrid Drive (hybrid) and Engine Drive (fuel engine). And the power reserve exclusively on electric traction makes a fantastic 114.6 km for hybrid cars in mixed mode.

In addition to the new twin-engine hybrid system, the car has a unique charging system, which is equipped with a standard charge connector from the power grid, a fast charging connector (up to 80% in 30-50 minutes), and an outlet for connecting various equipment. That is, the car can act as a temporary source of energy for various needs.