Two Lamborghini Sian hybrid supercars arrive in London

Two Lamborghini Sian hybrid supercars arrive in London

January 27, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A total of three Italian supercars Lamborghini Sian are intended for the UK market.

London car dealer HR Owen has delivered two ultra-rare Lamborghini Sian supercars to its customers. Of the 63 Lamborghini Sian units, only three will go to the UK and all three will be delivered by a dealer in the capital.

The car, which is the fastest Lamborghini ever built, boasts a mild-hybrid powertrain that combines a 6.5-liter V12 engine with a 48-volt electrical system. Together, they produce 808 horsepower – enough to propel the car with a carbon fiber body from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 350 km / h.

At Sian, conventional lithium-ion batteries have been replaced with a lightweight supercapacitor. This system is fully charged every time the car brakes, and its total weight is 34 kilograms. Lamborghini claims it is three times lighter and three times more powerful than a comparable lithium-ion battery.

But this is not the only technology featured in Sian. The state-of-the-art carbon fiber monocoque, titanium air intake and active aerodynamics also play a key role in achieving this incredible performance, while rear-wheel steering helps keep the car stable and agile when cornering.

Lamborghini has already sold all 63 Sian it plans to launch, and each car has received a full Ad Personam customization. The first two UK buyers to receive their vehicles made full use of this scheme: a gray car painted with Grigio Nimbus paint, open carbon weave roof and Rosso Mars accents. Inside, this look complements the Nero Ade interior with the contrasts of Rosso Alala.

The darker car, meanwhile, comes with a Nero Helene body and carbon fiber on the hood, headlamp inserts, fenders and engine cover. This dark look is accentuated by accents and decals made from Oro Electrum material, which is also used on the alloy wheels. Even the tires are custom made from Pirelli, marked with white details. As with the other car, the interior follows the bodywork using Nero Ade leather and Oro Electrum embroidery and lighting.