Two-door Lister Storm II will exchange V12 for electric motors

Two-door Lister Storm II will exchange V12 for electric motors

February 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The British showed a design sketch of competitor Lotus Evija

The British manufacturer of retro-sports cars and charged Jaguars Lister Cars posted a new sketch of the Storm II hypercar on social networks. Apparently, the concept of the model has changed in a few years, and instead of a V12 engine, it will receive an electric power plant to compete with Lotus Evija.

For the first time, Lister was talked about in 2014. Then it was assumed that the two-door will be equipped with a 7.8-liter V12 compressor engine, developing about 1000 horsepower. The basis of the unit was considered one of the Jaguar engines. In 2018, the company posted the first design sketch, but without details, and now showed the car in profile. Based on the accompanying text, the hypercar will still be electric.

Externally, the coupe has not changed. This is still a car with a symmetrical streamlined body and developed aerodynamic “plumage”. Massive carbon fiber splitter and diffuser will reduce the lifting force, the longitudinal fin stabilizes the two-door at high speed; slots in the front wings reduce turbulent flows in the wheel arches and cool the braking mechanisms.

About the power plant hypercar Lister does not say anything yet. If the novelty aims to compete with the best representatives of the segment, then its return should be at least 2000 forces. Then Storm II will have parity with the Lotus Evija and the most powerful production car to date – the Japanese Aspark Owl.