Two cars from the team and other upcoming changes to the WTCR regulations

Two cars from the team and other upcoming changes to the WTCR regulations

December 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The organizers of the WTCR World Cup are planning to make major changes to the championship regulations regarding the variety of cars on the grid. It also presumes to amend the scoring system.

The leadership of the championship, headed by Francois Ribeiro, plans to limit the representation of manufacturers to four cars, and teams to two.

“In order not to end up in a situation where half of the riders are driving cars of the same brand, I suggested that manufacturers be limited to four cars on the grid and teams to two,” Ribeiro quotes – It will be two different licenses and two different liveries. In the boxes, the cars can be located close to each other and can even be divided by technical staff, but no more teams from one, three or five cars. This is the best way to protect the primacy from rising costs. Manufacturers should have equal chances in the championship. ”

Also, the organizers plan to start scoring points for racers for the first qualifying session, which forms the starting grid for the first race of the stage, whereas today only successful participation in the second qualification is awarded.

In addition, due to the expansion of the peloton, it is planned to expand the points zone from 10 to 15 riders in each race.

Relevant recommendations for amending the rules were sent to the Sports Group for review and at the end of this week must be approved by the FIA ​​World Council of Motorsport.