Turquoise chrome plated Lamborghini Urus is simply incredible!

Turquoise chrome plated Lamborghini Urus is simply incredible!

August 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the network was published a video, which showed Lamborghini Urus in a chrome-plated turquoise wrapper. And the image turned out so attractive that even a nearby Aventador S in the same package does not attract attention, but in a pair they are even more beautiful.

The company Lamborghini only recently introduced its first model in the segment SUV. And the car really has both sporty and off-road qualities. As representatives of the company put it – this is the first model that is designed for daily use, but has kept the legendary spirit of the brand.

Looking at the car it is difficult to imagine that its design may require any refinement. But this is not the opinion of the owner of one of them who wished to add a Urus in a similar style to a pair of his Lamborghini Aventador S in a turquoise chrome film.

The guys from the workshop on the vinyl label had to work hard. On the published seven-minute video it is noticeable that the work was rather complicated and painstaking. To implement the project, the masters had to dismantle the front and rear bumpers, and carry out their partial pasting separately from the car. Pasting only one back door took at least two hours.

It is worth noting that the car did not all get turquoise. As it was correctly said – “too much chrome”, and it was decided to add black glossy, similar to Aventador. Therefore, the roof, and some decorative elements are now decorated with black trim.

Many might think that the glossy chrome trim looks on the cars too pretentiously, and we would have agreed, but not on Lamborghini. At the end of the video, two cars are shown side by side, and both in a similar finish look adorable.

The cars are not designed for daily trips, and will be used as show cars, as well as collectible exhibits. In the technical part of any changes were not made, and whether it is necessary?

Meanwhile, on the official page of the company Lamborghini in the social network FaceBook was published a new photo of the future Aventador SVJ. This model will become the most extreme version of the sports car, and will receive a unique green color.